From a modest fishing village

To a favourite holiday town

Kaş is a little coastal town by the west of Antalya. Not so tiny in fact, the district has 5 counties, 48 villages and spans a very large area. Central town has 8.000 inhabitants and adding the villages, total number of citizens are around 50.000 Being a former fishing village, today the economy runs predominantly on tourism. With its rare turquoise waters, precious endemic plant specimens and ancient ruins, Kaş is among the best for travelers both within and from outside of Turkey. Despite the development in the last few years, Kaş is still considered to be the jewel of the Turkish Mediterranean due to its relatively difficult position for transportation.

Surrounded by ancient sites and historical treasures, it offers some amazing culture trips. It is among the top five diving destinations in the world. Tandem paragliding also offering amazing views of the turquoise waters is one of a kind experience.

why us?

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