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Otel konum olarak çok güzel bir yerde. Beş dakika içerisinde Kaş'ın merkezine ulaşabiliyorsunuz. Odalar temiz ve içerisindeki eşyalar güzel seçilmiş.

Tolga bey ve eşi

“The view of the Mediterranean is splendid. Spotlessly clean and extremely helpful caretaker Gokhan. Location is very convenient to Kas center.

Abhijith, Palakkad (IN)

The apartment is close to the main street, the harbour and the bus station. There are several flights of stairs but that is how you get a great view.The owner helped me with my suitcases. The apartment is modern, clean and spacious. It was nice to be able to relax and cook a meal at night and have a relaxed breakfast. There are several supermarkets nearby. There was also a dining table inside and outside.Except for the call to prayer, the area was very quiet.”

Anne-Marie, Valley View (AU)