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About Kas

About Kas

This beautiful green peninsula is home to a colourful Bohemian population as well as some of Turkey’s most rich and famous. Kas town is a small, quaint centre with a few shops, cafes and a number of fantastic restaurants.

Kas’s hot summers and warm, wet winters mean the peninsula has a wealth of citrus fruit and bananas, while its hillsides yield honey and almonds. The greenness of the peninsula is a huge draw for the select numbers of visitors who arrive each summer.


The peninsula is around 1.5 hours’ drive from Dalaman Airport, leaving it safely untouched by mass tourism. Kas town is located on a hill running down to the sea. Homes are spread around the outside of the peninsula, which is roughly divided into two parts: the Meis Island side at the end of the peninsula and the marina side, on the west. On the marina side you’ll enjoy spectacular sunsets and the sight of boats sailing to and from the marina. On the Meis side you’ll overlook a huge expanse of sea, and of course, the Greek island of Meis.

Kas, Turkey map


Kas is small – there are just over 7000 residents living in Kas town, and the whole district (comprising 48 villages) has 53,000 permanent residents. Over summer the population swells, with visitors from Western Europe, especially the United Kingdom, arriving in July and August. There is a small community of expats who live in Kas year round.


Kas has a typically Mediterranean climate, with long, hot summers and very mild winters. The summers can be extremely hot, with temperatures reaching 35 degrees celsius or more in July and August. Locals and tourists alike await eagerly for the afternoon, when a sea breeze sweeps over Kas and relieves some of the worst heat. Most of the rainfall occurs from November to March, but winters are extremely mild.


This idyllic town has all you could possibly want from a summer destination. Three hundred annual days of sunshine, clear waters, quality homes and good facilities. And for such a laid back destination there is plenty to do in Kas: relax beside the pool; swim from one of the many beach platforms; attend a jazz concert at the local theatre; go diving; park yourself at a cafe and watch the passersby or use it as a base to explore some of the nearby wonders like Patara Beach and Kalkan.

A weekly market sells fresh produce, meat and handicrafts. There is a small medical centre and a few shops, but you would need to go further afield for specialist medical help or larger shops.

Prices for housing is on the high side, and this factor has ensured Kas’s exclusivity. Rental accommodation is in high demand on the peninsula, and a number of homeowners are choosing to earn extra income by letting their properties out while not in use.